Enhancing affordability : Improving lives

Our model allows cash strained rural communities to barter livestock
for life-enhancing solar water pumps and solar home lighting systems.

We identify off-grid and grid deficient rural communities in
Pakistan, understand their energy requirements and capacity to pay. We then develop
barter solutions that allows each community to meet their energy and water needs in a
sustainable, scalable way.

Goats for Water (GfW) is a bartering solution for off-grid, water stressed communities enabling them to purchase solar water pumps with goats instead of cash

Our Impact

Our work aims to bring prosperity to economically marginalised communities in rural areas. Access to water through our Goats for Water project is the first step towards economic and social prosperity for these areas. Our work aims to improve livelihoods for the communities, improve and enhance the quality of life for women and girls by bringing ease to their day-to-day lives.

Increased health & Hygiene through daily access to water (up to 7 hours a day). Indoor latrines built, lower child sickness, women able to wash and bathe daily and take care of their families’ hygiene needs.

Replacing kerosene lamps with solar lights  780 million women and children breathing kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes a day

Enhanced Livelihood – Without water access, communities’ animals are lower weight, suffer greater mortality and reduced fertility resulting in fewer, lower quality animals to take to market. With water, the communities experience an increase in household incomes of Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 10,000 (USD 50 – 100) per month.

Reduced Emissions – Replacement of diesel based, inefficient pumps with solar pumps reduces CO2 and Black Carbon (BC) emissions by 12 tons / community / year.

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Our goats are vetted and raised in organic environment. They are taken care
of with love in the homes that raised them and bartered them for solar water pumps
and solar home systems